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Schaf, Wolle, Reisen,...

Hier dreht sich fast alles um's Schaf. Und um hübsche Dinge mit Schaf. Und Bücher mit Schaf... Und manchmal um Bücher und Geschichen. Mit und ohne Schaf.

The book of unfinished dreams

Veröffentlicht von Irina - August 13, 2019

He looked like a librarian. I hadn’t been in a library for ages but I knew the cliché: thin rimmed glasses, pale skin that looks… dusty somehow, and a suit past its time. Its time in fashion and past the time that this type of fabric was considered…. at least ok. Crinkly beige and brown and not really fitting the shape it was on. His eyes were nervously moving from side to side when he ordered his coffee. Just plain coffee. Cream extra. He said “thank you very much” and scuttled off. Really! Scuttled. Other guests walk. Big long strides that are used to take miles of countryside in a day. Weiterlesen